Art Education Program

Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program
Art Education Grants are available to certified elementary teachers, elementary art specialists and secondary art teachers in the Cache County School District.

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Golf Tournament

Driving For Education Golf Tournament
Birch Creek Golf Course in Smithfield

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Hats Off Award

Nominate a teacher
who is amazing!

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See a list of available scholarships and information on how to apply...

Hats Off Award

Honoring the best teachers of the Cache County School district…

Art Grant

Available to elementary teachers, elementary art specialists, and secondary art teachers...



DONATE - Donations assist students with much needed resources! 100% of your cash and in-kind donations are passed on to the schools and programs of the Cache County School District.

LICENSE PLATE - Public education has a license plate available for purchase at your local Division of Motor Vehicles. Go to and click on Special Group Plates and then Public Education Support. It’s just that easy!

PAYROLL DEDUCTION - The local community and the employees of the Cache County School District go the extra mile to enhance educational opportunities for students by making a charitable donation each month.

TAX CHECK OFF - Did you know that you can automatically donate a portion of your state income tax return to education? Go to Contributions and list the code (05) for School District & Nonprofit School District. Then, list code 04 for the Cache County School District. Make your Mark - Select your Code - Make a Difference!


GOLF TOURNAMENT - This annual charity golf tournament builds education awareness and helps fund “Tools for Schools” grants.     Learn More

BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS - The Cache Education Foundation (CEF) helps develop relationships with local businesses to enhance the resources for students, teachers and schools. Please contact us if you would like to include your business.

GET AWAY TODAY VACATION - Schedule your family vacation through Get Away Today and they will donate to the CEF! Enter tracking code 63211.       Visit their site

LAGOON FRIGHTMARES - Use our discount tickets and go to Lagoon! In turn, they will donate to the CEF! Please check with us in September for these valuable coupons. Visit Their Site

SERVE - Volunteer to serve on one of our committees that support our many worthwhile programs. The Cache Education Foundation appreciates those who value education and are willing to make a difference.



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